Music production includes everything that goes into making a hit song: arranging, programming, producing, recording, playing instruments, post production and engineering. When I’m the producer, I cover all of these jobs myself. But I also work a lot for other producers and composers when I only arrange, engineer or play instruments. In either case my goal is to create a radio-friendly record that presents the artist in the best light.
Styles: pop, r&b, edm, country, new age
Credits: Jennifer Lopez, Anastacia, Pixie Lott, Alyx Ander, Shane 54, Yanni


I started mixing in the late 90’s, when one day the engineer didn’t show up. Two decades and 500+ mixes later I’m still as excited to do it as I was that day because every project is a new puzzle waiting to be solved. I create mixes that are big, wide, punchy, loud, energetic with vocals jumping out of the speakers. I use a hybrid approach combining digital and analog tools.
Styles: pop, r&b, edm, new age, orchestral, film scores
Credits: Armin van Buuren, Alyx Ander, Shane 54, Ayaka Hirahara, Sylvia Tosun, Kerli and HBO


Legendary mastering engineer Tom Coyne told me in 2001: “Get into mastering! There’s not much I can do to improve your mix”. So I did. I master from stereo mixes or stems using a combination of digital and analog tools. With stereo mastering I can take your mix to the next level, with stem mastering the sky’s the limit. My masters match the current trends in sound, energy and loudness so your music can compete in any playlist.
I have been certified by Apple and included in their MFiT Providers List to create official ‘Mastered for iTunes’ releases.
Styles: pop. edm, r&b
Credits: Armin van Buuren, Alyx Ander, Shane 54, Kerli


I write songs with artists, songwriters and DJ’s. Each situation requires me to take on a slightly different role but there’s one common element: I do whatever it takes to create the best possible song that day. When I write with an artist I always want to know who they are, where they’re headed musically, and most importantly: what’s on their mind. Because that’s what I want the song to be about, so when they perform it, it feels honest and unique. I’ve co-written with some of the best songwriters in the world, including Alexander Geringas, Arnie Roman, Billy Mann, Damon Sharpe, Dimitri Ehrlich, John Bettis, Kara DioGuardi, Keith Follesé, Lindy Robbins, Maria Christensen, Peter Zizzo and Steven Sater.
Styles: pop, r&b, edm, country, world, new age
Credits: Anastacia, Faith Evans, Shane 54, Jessica Andrews, Sylvia Tosun, Yanni


Vocal performance is an essential part of a hit record. I work with singers both musically (coaching, vocal technique, stylistic choices, emotional approach) and technically (recording, comping, editing) to get the best performance out of them. Being the son of a master vocal teacher, singing background and lead vocals for many years, and coaching my contestants on X-Factor allows me a deep understanding of how to achieve an amazing vocal performance and move the audience emotionally.
Styles: pop, r&b, edm, singer/songwriter, ac
Credits: Janice Dickinson, Kat Graham, Lauren Mayhew, Sylvia Tosun, Pia Toscano


I always enjoyed creating string arrangements and orchestration for live instruments whenever a project I’m producing calls for it or somebody hires me to do it.
Styles: pop. country, world, new age, classical pop, musical theater
Credits: Caroline Jones, Yanni, Sylvia Tosun, Hiromi Go