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"...After three successful seasons as a judge and artist mentor on The X-Factor, the wildly popular U.K. based show’s Hungarian version, veteran songwriter, producer and mixing engineer Miklos Malek is looking for the next music superstar. “Auditioning thousands of people, and helping my contestants win the show and the audience’s heart gave me a new perspective on what today’s artists need to become successful.”
Since launching his career in N.Y.C. in the early 2000s, Malek—who has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 2006—has worked with a wide variety of artists from a multitude of genres, from R&B/pop to country, world music and global pop. Signing with Notation Music Publishing led to his breakthrough as a co-writer and arranger of Anastacia’s “I Thought I Told You That” (featuring Faith Evans) and opportunities to work with Jennifer Lopez (“Love Don’t Cost A Thing”), Pixie Lott, Dream, M2M and country singer Jessica Andrews..."

LIVING OUT LOUD - Q&A with Producer, Songwriter and Artist Miklos Malek
"...Miklos Malek is of Hungary, the beautiful nation in Eastern Europe. He moved to the U.S. some years ago and now lives in the San Fernando Valley, just northwest of Los Angeles. The man is simply a genius, on top of being humble, nice and a workaholic in the music industry.That’s led him to become one of the most respected producers, songwriters and artists in this field,a field that many enter but exit quickly. Malek’s managed to stay atop because of his innovative creativity and talented traits. To date, some of his credits include Jennifer Lopez, Anastacia, Faith Evans, Article A, Donna Summer, Jessica Andrews, Sylvia Tosun, David Phelps, Dream, Marion Raven, Hiromi Go, Coco Lee, Plus One and Yanni, among others. He also served as a judge in the well-respected X-Factor television show in his native country. In an exclusive interview for Living Out Loud, Malek spoke to us about his current projects, passion for music, and X-Factor experience, among many other things..."

MUSIC CONNECTION - "Studio Mix' Aika tracks in West L.A. Valley
"...Japanese recording artist and songwriter Aika was in the studio with music producer Miklos Malek (Anastacia, Jennifer Lopez, Yanni) finishing up her new album. Malek recently returned to Los Angeles after being a judge on X-Factor in Hungary for three years. He mixed Aika’s songs in the upcoming English release in his new studio, Hidden Street Sound..."

DAILY HERALD - ‘Touch of Truth’: Yanni kicking butt on new CD
“…Yanni did something he has only done occasionally over the years -- collaborate with an outside writer on songs -- Miklos Malek. He is credited on five of the CD’s 15 songs. Yanni connected with Malek, a producer/songwriter who has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Faith Evans, Jessica Andrews and Donna Summer among others, through his producer, Ric Wake.
“Miklos is just a great composer. I love the guy,” Yanni said. “He was in Los Angeles. We never even got together. He was working in Los Angeles. I would send him ideas, and he would work on them and send some of his ideas back. Or, he would have an idea. And then Ric Wake would listen to ideas Miklos had, and he would say, ‘Hey, what do you think?’
“He [Malek] would sort of start a song or [have it] in a very raw form, and Ric would kind of pick and go, ‘I think I like this one. Why don’t you listen to it tonight and see what you think?’ “ Yanni said. “I liked some of the ideas, and then I took them and then I made them into songs. ... He had some really nice ideas, a lot of stuff, and I will be working with him in the future many times.”

MAINLY PIANO - Yanni “Truth of Touch”

“…the first seven tracks are stirring instrumentals that also include the exotic “Voyage” co-composed with Miklos Malek who lends a hand on five of the tracks. Malek also assists on the buoyant and flowing “Flash Of Color” which is in complete contrast to the more aggressive and compelling “Vertigo”
MUSIC CONNECTION - ‘Darius Lux 3Way’ review of Key Club Show
“... Miklos Malek really pulls this band together with a smoothness similar to that of Dave Matthews Band’s Butch Taylor.”

MUSICAL DISCOVERIES - Sylvia Tosun ‘Jump In’
“... Sylvia Tosun has released her stunning second full length album Jump In. A thirteen-track collection of material that builds in sound, texture and lyrical content on her debut 2001 EP “Too Close To The Sun” (feature), the album is brilliantly produced by Miklos Malek and co-produced by Sylvia Tosun....”

“...For performing artist Kiara Duran, dreaming big and letting go has resulted in a journey marked by passion and courage. Raised in Phoenix, the 24-year-oldπs debut CD, Kiara, is scheduled for release in February 2006. Miklos Malek, who has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion and Anastasia, produced the recording...”

HIPONLINE - Plus One “Obvious”
“...”OBVIOUS” builds on a legacy that was started just a short two years ago, and extends beyond it. The record draws together a roster of top-notch producers, including Guy Roche, Matthew Gerrard, Peter Zizzo, Klaus/Jeeve and Miklos Malek, Tedd T., Bernie Herms, Peter Kipley and Howard New...”




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