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The truth is, I don’t take music lightly. I’ve always been interested in details that normally slip between the cracks. Those little things that make or break hit songs. Well, those are the things that spin my wheels.

I was born into a family of renowned musicians in Budapest. I was also lucky enough to work professionally in music at an early age. It was around 12 that I first created music for a TV show I was in. From there, I took any and everything I could to expand my experience and knowledge. From humble beginings to a string of national hits, I continued to grow my identity as a music producer, songwriter, arranger, mixing engineer, singer and multi-instrumentalist.

Ultimately, my love of music has taken me on a wonderful journey that I could hardly have imagined. Gaining a Master’s degree in classical piano in Budapest set the scene for a scholarship at Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

This introduction to the American musical landscape propelled me to Manhattan where I found myself making music for artists I’d dreamed of such as Anastacia and Jennifer Lopez. Thankfully, my work has since been featured on over 15 million records.
Most recently I have had the good fortune to collaborate with Yanni on his last few albums as well as having fun as a judge on the X-Faktor grooming the next wave of European stars.

So there you have it, music is my life, it is my journey and I look forward to continue sharing that love of music with you.

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